Edward Boe Photography
Food & Product Photographer.


So you want to contact me...(you totally should)

Edward Boe @ edward.boe@gmail.com

I'm a photographer/retoucher based in Chicago, Illinois.  I've traveled the world both for work and for fun, and I'm proud to say I've set foot on more continents than I haven't.

From my beginnings early on as an illustrator and comic book enthusiast, imagery has always been important to me. The pen and paper eventually gave way to film, then to motion, then to digital, but the through-line has always been striking imagery and a desire to create it.

Now I specialize in Food, Product, and Nature Photography, but the goal remains the same... to be better than I was yesterday.

Please send any questions, comments, or requests for quotes, to me... (Edward Boe), at my email address... (edward.boe@gmail.com), and I'll get back to you ASAP.  

Edward Boe Photography Gothic Portrait